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Korea’s leading beauty magazine

Korea’s first-ever SNS magazine combining web and mobile formats with magazine publication. Upscale beauty information merging reader reviews with professional insights from editors

Date of initial publication March 2011 / Target readership Women interested in beauty, ages 24 - 38 / Circulation 110,000

Beautypl is a new media platform for beauty-related contents adapted to the demands of our era that is characterized by changes in the direction and originators of the flow of information. Beautypl not only distributes information through its monthly magazines but also generates real-time updates of information via SNS, tracks information daily through the web and uses smartphone and tablet PC applications to circulate brand information to consumers on a weekly basis. The editors and experts of Beautypl reviews and processes the information thus collected in real-time and on a daily and weekly basis through these diverse channels to present publication issues in our tabloid format.

Beautypl is not only distinguished by its long tail structure of information connecting the web and mobile and tablet PCs, but also by the range and method of distribution adopted for its tabloid magazines. The tabloid issues are distributed on streets and made available at urban hot spots. They are also directly delivered to VIP cosmetics customers of Shinsegae Mall and placed in the rest lounge areas of companies with a large number of female employees, such as Samsung Electronics, Korean Air, and Daum.

beauty+ IS

  1. An SNS-based beauty tabloid magazine offering lucid shopping advice
  2. An on-line review site with the earliest updates on new product information and reviews
  3. Real-time channeling of new brand and product information via Twitter
  4. Beauty know-how and product recommendations from editors presented via Facebook
  5. iPhone app to search for beauty tips and new products
  6. iPad app for access to an exclusive magazine e-book with a focus on beauty



  • BEAUTY+ Premium