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Custom Publishing by The Book Company: What Makes Us Different

Access to the use of contents from The Book Company’s magazines
From the world’s leading lifestyle magazine Maison to Singles, the magazine that serves as a mentor to numerous Korean singles, The Book Company is the proud owner of an amazing portfolio encompassing female readers of all ages. Our clients can utilize the original and entertaining columns of The Book Company’s magazines that uphold our company’s reputation for creating outstanding content and customize the contents according to their CP’s unique characteristics.
The most talented professionals in the industry
The editors in chief leading The Book Company’s CP team are professionals with more than 10 years of work experience as editors of popular magazines. We invite you to meet The Book Company’s contents directors, who will impress you with the kind of passionate partnership that can be offered only by true experts.
High Quality Visual & Verbal Creations
In addition our CP team’s contents directors who offer the best visuals and wording, our clients are supported by the advanced planning abilities of The Book Company’s staff. Our staff includes stylists from Marie Claire, beauty consultants from Singles, lifestyle coordinators from Maison, and our in-house editors with incisive verbal talent. All professionals who work with The Book Company collaborate intimately with our CP team and offer our clients their talent in contents production to create optimal visuals customized perfectly to each column.
Systematic distribution networks customized for our client’s target readership
Once the CP product has been completed, the most important question is selecting where to distribute the products. Bookstores? Premium restaurants? The homes of VIP readers? The ability to distribute the books in the optimal locations for our clients: this is another advantage of choosing The Book Company’s CP team.
Powerfully creative and proactive planning and operation services for clients
Each company and brand needs a social networking page that represents its own identity and story. It should be proactive and flexible in dealing with all different situations. We design “news cards” with pity words, and provide insightful postings that deliver the spirit of the company or brand to subscribers.


Communicating the story of your brand & product

more effectively than advertisements We are living in an era when consumers no longer seek mere products, but the values embodied in the products. Increasingly, consumers will choose products or brands based on the values and meanings they represent to the consumers. Corporate or brand magazines deliver the information regarding products or the company through the medium of magazine articles, which communicate our clients stories effectively through text and visuals.

L story
Lstory is a beauty & culture magazine with its core readership consisting of consumers of OHUI and The History of Hu cosmetic products. The magazine features hot, entertaining, killer contents from Singles and stories that OHUI and The History of Hu wishes to communicate most clearly to its consumers. 250,000 copies are published per issue
Severance Hospital
A magazine for VIPs of Severance Hospital, the first accredited JCI in Korea. The magazine re-inscribes the meaning of Severance Hospital, originally founded by a donation from Mr. Severance, and communicates the hospital’s philosophy, seeking to spread the noble and altruistic spirit of MR. Severance throughout the world.
A magazine promoting Korea delivered to global leaders and various personages knowledgeable about Korea. This is the official promotional magazine published by Korean Culture and Information Service. Published in English.
Seoul Sarang
We publish Magazine “Seoul Sarang” that is commissioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to promote diverse city affairs to the citizens. It provides a wide range of useful information about Seoul and city policies in an easy way.
An eco-friendly magazine published for Woongjin Coway. Ecoway provides information that environmentally conscious readers can put into practice in their daily lives. The magazine is organized into sections of food, clothing, and housing. At the request of readers, the magazine has been made available for sale in bookstores and has a passionate following among environmentalists.
Commissioned to publish by Daemyeong Life Way, Magazine “LIFEWAY” is a lifestyle magazine that provides information on from wedding and travel to “dying well.”
  • L story
  • Severance Hospital
  • Seoul Sarang
  • Ecoway


Mercedes-Benz Company History
A luxurious and upscale publication of the history of the Mercedes-Benz company. The book garnered attention because of its unique design, featuring dimensions identical to the designs of Germany’s Benz Company.
Human Baying, a book commemorating the 40th year anniversary of Oricom
A company history presented in an innovative conceptual design. This publication was adopted into a textbook for students of advertisement theory available for sale in bookstores.
Don’t Even Think about the End + Publication of the company history commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Boryung Company
This publication presented the history of the company’s five decades through sophisticated editing. A statement of the company’s management philosophy articulated by the company chairman, Mr. SeungHo Kim, was simultaneously included as an essay.
  • Oricom
  • Boryung Company


Clarins DM
Department Store This DM offers items that fuse essential information for VIP readers with entertaining concepts. The DM received an explosively positive response from consumers who were impressed by the planning behind its practically useful design.
Sisley A DM
M imprinted with the Sisley brand’s luxurious image, information on its products’ benefits, and a lucidly communicated story of the brand’s identity.
Levi’s style
A magalogue that merges the features of a style magazine with a product catalogue. This was an original attempt to catch two birds with one stone by appealing with both the fun factor of a magazine and an effective romotion of the brand’s products.
Nike Beautiful
Nike Beautiful, a publication that presents a new style for beautiful Nike women and features some of the most popular models including Yuna Kim, Siyeon Park, and the pop-musician BoA. It has set a benchmark for magalogues by embodying the message of stylish sportswear.


Korea Investment Value Asset Management
An asset management report for investors, and fund owners. It is produced in the form of easy-toread reports on fund asset management providing genuinely valuable answers to common questions among investors. This is a differentiated management report that even contains articles on fund investment strategies and explanation of investment items. It opens a new chapter in the company’s history of investor protection.

SNS operation service

Social Networking Page operation service for the Severance Hospital
We deliver the spirit of the Severance Hospital through Facebook and Instagram pages. The hospital’s professional health-related contents and identity are well represented on social networking pages, which drew favorable responses from the hospital.
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