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a fashion magazine for career women

Singles, the magazine stirring a sensation throughout Korea. Generates buzz by achieving unprecedented growth rates since its launching

Date of initial publication September 2004 / Target readership Single women, ages 25 - 34 / Circulation 60,000

A decade has passed since the “X-generation” dominated the culture of Korean society. Today there is are an increasing number of women who regard their goal in life to be the fulfillment of their own potentials rather than marriage per se, and this phenomenon has been correlated with the increase in the population of single people caused by the general trend of marrying at an older age and higher divorce rate. Singles is a magazine that targets readers who are single woman, a group that has emerged as a significant demographic category all across the world.

The magazine promotes a fun and confident lifestyle for singles. It has received focused coverage on TV and in newspapers because of its outstanding concept and has gained wide recognition as the most noted magazine at the moment. The magazine has earned a passionate following among single Korean women between ages 26 and 34 by providing solutions and style advice regarding fashion, beauty, career development and financial management skills that single women find useful in their daily life and at the workplace. The website at www.thesingle.co.kr has also emerged as a popular online playground for single women.

singles is

  1. Fashion updates for a stylish lifestyle
  2. Beauty tips for a lovely lifestyle
  3. Information for after-work and weekends fun
  4. Career & lifestyle related information for success
  5. Guides for financial management



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