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A New Name for <JUBUSAENGHWAL> and its 50 Years of History

Semi-membership magazine connected with influential “digital moms”

Founded in April, 1965 / Target Audience Married Women Aged 25 to 45 / Circulation 100,000

We cleared away the old 50-year old monthly magazine Jubu Saenghwal, while keeping only its core DNA. Then we transformed it into a new category of lifestyle magazine “STYLER by Jubu Saenghwal.” The magazine is intended to be a means of communication with trendy moms in their 30s and 40s. STYLER by Jubu Saenghwal is evolving into a semi-membership magazine for married women who have stable lives both as wives and moms. In particular, it invites influential “digital moms” and “STYLER friends” to provide up-to-date detailed lifestyle information.

<STYLER by Jubu Saenghwal > provides

  1. Fashion tips for trendy moms
  2. Beauty & health tips for aging well
  3. Living tips for trendy family life
  4. Celebrities news and gossips



  • STYLER regional magazine

A New Name for <JUBUSAENGHWAL> and its 50 Years of History

Regional edition of STYLER for moms in Jamsil, Pangyo and Haeundae

Founded in March, 2014 / Target Audience in apartments in rich area of Seoul & Busan / Circulation 300,000

<STYLER> is the first regional magazine for “smart moms” who reside in Seoul’s Jamsil area, Bundang’s Pangyo and Busan’s beachfront Haeundae area. The magazine makes close cooperation with online networking communities of these three regions. Women living in those regions are a group of consumers who cherish the values of their lives and they more care about raising their kids in a happy instead of competitive environment. <STYLER> magazine presents unique contents of “neighboring” or so-called “one-mile” lifestyles of local moms who lead their own lifestyles. They also distribute magazines and virally promote them.